REO Closings

REO Closings

REO properties result from completed foreclosures or deeds in lieu of foreclosure that could not otherwise be diverted back into performing assets. When it is necessary to complete a foreclosure, the next step for the bank or financial institution to mitigate its loss is to reclaim as much value as possible from the sale of REO properties.


REO closing servicesOne Price, No Unexpected Charges 

Our firm understands the value REO properties represent to our clients, and we have the skills, experience and the capabilities to provide the solutions they need to assist you in converting these assets. At Harmon Law Offices, P.C., we offer our comprehensive REO closing services to any party that needs to sell a repossessed property as quickly and efficiently as possible. We handle routine REO closings for a fixed fee. so that there are no unexpected charges that will be tacked on.


Focused on Creditor Needs

We are able to meet our clients’ REO closing needs because our firm is focused exclusively on helping creditors protect their investments and their rights in today’s complex debt recovery landscape. The strengths our firm offers to its clients include:

  • Depth of knowledge
  • Professional and ethical handling of your matters
  • Relying on the latest legal technology to assure effective case management
  • Sufficient qualified staff and attorneys who know how to handle the the unique issues presented by
  • REO closings



To ensure that your interests receive the fullest protection, contact the creditor representation lawyers of Harmon Law Offices, P.C.