Landlord/Tenant Services

When it becomes necessary for banks and other financial institutions to repossess a property, they may be faced with the prospect of a new tenancy or if needed evicting the former owners or tenants from the property prior to an REO sale. This scenario can create difficulties that need to be handled expeditiously. Current tenants and former owners can cause delays in sales and complicate matters in other ways. Removal of current occupants needs to be efficient while following the jurisdiction specific legal requirements regarding post-foreclosure evictions.

At Harmon Law Offices, P.C., we offer creditors experienced representation that is able to create effective solutions to the challenges created by the above-described post foreclosure scenarios.Our attorneys and staff have the skill, experience and training to be able to address complex issues and create results for our clients at the trial level as well as on appeals. We have a record of creating favorable legal precedents in the area of landlord/tenant law.


landlord tenant legal servicesFocused on Creditor Needs

Our firm’s focus on meeting creditor needs has allowed us to build an exceptional internal structure of staff and attorneys who are able to provide the comprehensive representation banks need when they repossess property that has former owners or their tenants. Factors that allow our firm to meet our clients’ needs regarding landlord/tenant issues include:

  • Superior knowledge on the subject
  • Familiarity with the individual jurisdictional requirements
  • Using up-to-date legal technology to help us effectively manage our clients’ needs
  • Exceptional training programs that assure that all staff and attorneys have mastered the areas of law in which they are working



To ensure that your interests receive the fullest protection, contact the creditor representation lawyers of Harmon Law Offices, P.C.