Payoff and Reinstatement Request

Please read before completing the form.

Complete the form to request a reinstatement or  payoff.  If you are not a borrower, an owner of the property, or a junior lien holder, you will need to provide us with written authorization before we will provide a reinstatement or payoff quote to you.  The authorization can be faxed to us at (617) 244-7304 or mailed to our office.  

Failure to complete the required fields may result in a delay or the inability to process your request.

Please note that we do not have the information requested.  It must be ordered from your servicer or lender.  The process can take up to five business days.  We will provide you with this information as soon as possible after we receive it. There are a number of servicers and lenders that provide reinstatement and payoff information directly to their customers.  We will be unable to process requests for these lenders or servicers, but we will forward your request for direct handling by the lender or servicer. 

Request a Payoff or Reinstatement

 (The good through date is the date you believe that you will have the funds available to reinstate or pay off your mortgage. The good through date cannot be more than 30 days from today's date.)

 Please provide the following information:
 (if the address information is not completed, we will send the letter to the property address)

Who is requesting the information? (if the person is not the borrower or if the borrower wants the information sent to an alternative address please complete this section.)